Why We're Here

Our mission is to make learning as engaging and effective as possible through the strategic use of digital media – from kindergarten to college, in and outside the classroom. We do this by recruiting promising young innovators and turning their powerful ideas for learning into successful products for market.

Everyone agrees – from policymakers and businesspeople to teachers and kids – that we have yet to realize the potential of new media and technologies to transform learning. The established structures in education and business make it hard for exciting innovations cropping up outside the system to get the support they need to rise up in the market.

By bringing together the philanthropic sector with the private sector, we at Startl are creating a critical missing link between innovation and capital. We’re also making sure these emerging technologies reflect what we know makes for the best learning, versus just what will sell. In this way, we’re accelerating the process of innovation and changing the future of learning in both a socially responsible and economically sound way.