Accelerator FAQ’s

If we haven’t answered your question below, please ask us.

Is there a specific day that a team needs to arrive in New York City?
The program begins Monday, May 13.  Teams will need to arrive prior to this and be settled in to begin work on this day. Kick off weekend begins on May 10.

Is there any pre-event that a team needs to attend?
There is a required Kick Off Weekend, May 10-12.

Is housing, food and transportation provided?
You will be responsible for housing, transportation, and food. But each person gets a $5,000 stipend.  New York is, well, New York and it takes a bit of effort to find housing.  That said, being in the city for the summer is just worth the effort.

Are weekends off for family?
Its up to the team members but Accelerator is pretty much 24/7.

It says in the Participant Agreement that legal and accounting services are covered. Is anything else not included?
Out-of-pocket expenses such as filing fees or extraordinary services such as full patent applications need to be paid by participants.

Are companies who have already raised venture capital or angel funding eligible?

What happens if a team changes its mind?
There are a very limited number of slots available for Accelerator 2013 and competition for these positions is keen.  By extending to you our offer to participate in Accelerator 2013, there is another company that will not receive an offer.  Accordingly, by accepting our offer you are committing yourself to attend and participate in the program.