Participant Agreement Overview

Here is what we like to refer to as the credo for the Startl Network and its participants…

Startl is committed to facilitating and accelerating the entrepreneurial process for innovators committed to building products and services for the digital media learning space. Our partners have embraced our vision and are contributing great programs and substantial expertise to help us realize our mission.

We seek to reinforce the well worn notion of doing well by doing good and as such we have put into place a general operational overview and a few simple rules that Startl participants must adhere to in order to become members of our network of innovators.

  1. Participants keep the intellectual property of their products of services.
  2. Participants agree to share data and information about what they are discovering about their products and services as they relate to the field of education and learning.
  3. Startl, in turn, may share that data and information to enhance the field of
    learning and education.
  4. Participants are solely responsible for the products and services they develop.  Among other things, the participants will make sure that their products and services do not infringe anyone else’s intellectual property—even as they evolve those products and services while members of the Startl network.
  5. Participants agree that if they are selected to participate in the DreamIt Accelerator Program, they will adhere to the Accelerator rules and responsibilities set forth by DreamIt Ventures. These include providing DreamIt and Startl, each, a 3% equity stake in your enterprise (common stock). In exchange for which DreamIt and Startl will provide you with a living stipend for three months (up to a total of $25,000 for the team) plus expert business model, operation and distribution, marketing and financial structure mentoring, pro bon legal and accounting services and introductions to potential investors.
  6. Participants agree to allow Startl a right of participation in a first round of institutional investment in the participant’s enterprise.
  7. Participants agree to allow Startl to post non-proprietary information and media about their products and services on the Startl site and in other marketing materials and publicly-available information about Startl.