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Laser Recall is a project out of Scientific Learning, an incubator of leading edge thought in science and education.  Out of Oakland, California, the Laser Recall team is focused on Middle and High School learners who want to perform better on tests.  How you ask?  By  building brain fitness based learning tools by building a learner’s fluid intelligence through a series of visual and auditory working memory exercises.   Laser Recall makes you smarter, faster with fun games on your mobile.

The team is looking to improve on ease-of-use and engagement during the week of the Mobile Design Boost.   A key objective is to learn a new design process that incorporates rapid prototyping and testing to ensure delivered products are not only effective, but are fun and easy to use.

The Laser Recall team consists of four members:

John Montgomery, a GUI designer and animator with a BFA in Print Making from the University of Washington and a BA in Latin American History from Stanford.
Joan Ferguson, Director of Product Management responsible for the K-12 School Market and the Fast ForWord family of products at Scientific Learning.  Joan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management from Clarkson University.

Sarah Lamping, Director of Visual Web Design with a background in fine arts and bachelor’s degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus on Graphic Design and Photography.

Terri Matter, Manager of the Multimedia Engineering responsible for development of the Flash-based exercises that are the basis for the Scientific Learning educational software products.

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