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Project Noah (Networked organisms and habitats) is reaching students and nature enthusiasts of all ages.  A mobile application that nature lovers can use to explore, document, and discuss local wildlife and a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.

The enthusiastic team from Project is looking for mobile and web design input, user feedback, and guidance on establishing a sustainable business at the Design Boost.

The team members of NOAH bring a strong mix of biology and environmental studies paired with development and computer sciences. 

Yasser Ansari, team lead, studied molecular biology and bioinformatics at U.C. San Diego and spent time researching plant genomics at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. After the lab, he moved into the wireless industry where he helped design and develop hand-held radiation detectors, gaming accessories, and new mobile software. He is currently wrapping up his Master’s degree at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and focusing on Project Noah, a mobile platform for wildlife exploration and citizen science. He holds several technology patents and has experience raising poison dart frogs, australian bearded dragons, and a variety of other captive bred reptiles and amphibians

Martin Ceperley is a hacker/developer who has launched his own app, Historic Earth, and software development company Emergence Studios. Historic Earth lets mobile users explore history with their touch-screens by overlaying geo-referenced historic maps of their area from a large archive.  He has a background in photojournalism and is currently finishing his Master’s degree at ITP/NYU.

Peter Horvath blogs for Make Magazine, a quarterly which celebrates hacking, tweaking and bending technology. He co-founded O’Reilly Media’s Ignite Toronto and is a researcher at Akendi, a consultancy focusing on human experience design. Currently he’s a member of the Council, a think tank for the Internet of Things. He attended the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, specializing in physical computing, rapid prototyping and informatics. He can be found connecting the planet’s organisms with Project Noah and aggregating sentient ideas at Spime.

Bruno Kruse is looking at new ways of collecting and exploring wildlife data for Project Noah. He can be found attending the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU where he spends most of his time thinking about game design and developing software for mobile devices and the web.

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