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eduk8’s mission is to provide social communication tools for sharing educational content and experiences.

eduk8 is a content management and social communication platform that is designed for emerging mobile technologies in schools. It allows teachers to create task threads of articles, worksheets, and messages in a space that allows parental oversight and includes select third-party vendors. Publishers will be able to market their materials in new ways. Schools and teachers will be free to purchase only the materials they need. Parents will have access to enrichment resources that are aligned with their child’s needs. And, students will be presented with a clear, guided interface in which messages, classwork, homework, and supplemental content is seamlessly integrated.

eduk8′s product targets the K-6 market. The solution aims to solve the problem of content availability and use both inside and outside the classroom. Social communication tools will further enable parents, teachers, and students.
Ever since Howard Gardner’s “Frames of Mind” educators have considered how to provide content to children with differing styles of learning. Publishing is historically and conceptually a mass-market effort. Pragmatically, eduk8 aims to provide the essential tools through which customized products will ultimately be provided to students. Through social communication tools, metrics, and targeted content, children will be provided access to new types of learning tools including games and social experiences.

The eduk8 team is looking forward to an intense week of collaboration with IDEO and select peers in a highly charged atmosphere.  They hope to gain focus, develop confidence in the concept, and produce a necessary, testable prototype through the effort.

The eduk8 team consists of Nicholas Paredes and Peter Adams out of Chicago, IL.

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