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MyVetwork’s targets transitioning military veterans, veterans from earlier conflicts, spouses and family members, and supporters of the US military.  The MyVetwork Mobile product will be MyVetwork’s inaugural mobile application providing members access to key portions of the community.  Mobile users will be able to login to their MyVetwork account to find other members who fit various criteria including (and any combination of)  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and a members status (veteran, retired, etc.) find recruiters, mentors and support, services within geographic areas.

The MyVetwork team includes Jay Chalnick  with manyears of experience developing markets, building brands and setting strategic direction for growth via various marketing, business development and online initiatives.  Jay currently serves as MyVetwork’s director of partnership development and community manager. Jay holds a bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Arizona.

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