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Tag! (Teaching And Gaming) focuses on creating innovative educational tools that are both engaging as well as based on the science of learning.  Tag! is a user-adapted and social networking mobile device application that is both a game and educational tool.  Players practice and develop their thinking skills in a flexible environment that encourages question-generation and evaluation as they try to find someone “hiding” geographically, or more creatively in the subject matter of the classroom.  Educational research shows critical thinking skills are best developed when users make decisions to solve complex, engaging problems.  This requires asking appropriate questions and identifying the best information to answer them. 

Tag! is designed so it can be easily adapted for use in (and out) of classrooms for students and educators at all levels.   The initial focus is high school students and teachers.

During the Startl Mobile Design Boost, TagTeam is specifically looking to develop the user interface of the app; team members are also interested in learning about the design process and the business issues related to a product launch.

The TagTeam includes Marc Chun, Chris Jackson and Alex Nemeth.

Marc holds a PhD in education, and has more than 10 years of experience in teaching and research.  In addition to his work with TAGTeam, he trains educators to create powerful learning environments, curricula and pedagogical approaches that foster the development of critical thinking skills.

Chris holds an MPA in Policy Analysis and Management. His professional experience has covered all areas of education (both domestic and international)—from pre-K, K-12, and higher education—with a particular focus on marketing, business development, and strategic planning.

Alex holds an MPP in Policy Analysis Methods. He has experience in data analysis of critical thinking measurement indicators, program design and evaluation, project management, and data visualization.

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