Startl’s First Design Boost – A Hit!

[ 0 ] March 23, 2010 |

To the first class of Boost,

We want to thank you for what we considered to be an informative and wondrous five days. We learned a lot –about you as teams and people—and we  are grateful for all the focus and energy you brought to Start Design Boost and for  joining us as Startl also took its first steps.

Your journeys from Day1 and those first presentations, to Day5 and your final, bold, get up there and show ‘em what you got  pitches was truly inspirational. We look forward to continuing our relationships with you as well as to your continued progress on these enterprises.  As the Nike marketing team so brilliantly put, ‘just do it.’

A huge thank you to Duane and the entire team from IDEO for helping us put together the Boost. We look forward to many more to come.  To Joe McCambly and The Wonderfactory for offering us one of the most creative working spaces in New York City. Boost would not have been the same in any other environment.

And finally, to our user groups who were so valuable to this process and to all our speakers and experts for their instruction and feedback. Bravo!

Your biggest fans—

The Startl Team
Laurie Racine
Diana Rhoten
Phoenix Wang

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