2010 k-12 Horizon Report – “The Notion of School is Changing”

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Found over on Weblogg-ed, Will Richardson talks about the 2010 k-12 Horizon Report in a blog post titled “The Notion of School is Changing.”  

Pulling key trends from the actual report, here are two that are particularly of interest to us at Startl -

There is increasing interest in just-in-time, alternate, or non-formal avenues of education, such as online learning, mentoring, and independent study. More and more, the notion of the school as the seat of educational practice is changing as learners avail themselves of learning opportunities from other sources. There is a tremendous opportunity for schools to work hand-in-hand with alternate sources, to examine traditional approaches, and to reevaluate the content and experiences they are able to offer.

The way we think of learning environments is changing. Traditionally, a learning environment has been a physical space, but the idea of what constitutes a learning environment is changing. The “spaces” where students learn are becoming more community-driven, interdisciplinary, and supported by technologies that engage virtual communication and collaboration. This changing concept of the learning environment has clear implications for schools.

The report gives an interesting timeline of adoption trends in education:

  • Cloud Computing – now
  • Collaborative Environments – less than a year
  • Game-based learning - 2-3 years
  • Mobile – 2-3 years
  • Augmented reality – 4-5 years
  • Flexible displays – 4-5 years

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