5 Social Apps for Social Good

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From American Express Open Forum comes a list of five social apps that aren’t just good, their good for the soul.  We’re particularly proud of Project NOAH for being named to the list.  As you may recall, Project NOAH participated in Startl’s first Mobile Design Boost.

Project Noah started as a student project at NYU’s ITP school, the free mobile app allows citizens to become scientists. The goal is huge in its mission – to become the common mobile platform for documenting the world’s organisms. Users snap photos of local birds, plants, trees, and other species, and can either identify the organism or leave the classification up to the crowd. Project Noah conducts specific research projects in the form of field missions. Who wouldn’t want to join a mission called “Project Squirrel” – inviting you to contribute squirrel observations, or “The Lost Ladybug Project” – to understand ladybug species distribution. Join a mission today!

Other apps named include:

  • The Extraordinaries - Makes volunteering easy by allowing you to sign-up for small tasks rather than full days or projects
  • Causeworld – Why get points just for showing up?  Earn Karma points for donations to your favorite charity.
  • Frontline SMS – Service that allows citizen activists to monitor and track issues and events
  • mGive – mobile app that routes funds through mobile donations

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