In Philly? Join the Startup Love Triangle – Wednesday, May 19th

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Philly Startup Leaders are hosting the Startup Love Triangle on Wednesday, May 19th.

There will be highly experienced angel investors and others participating in a friendly competitive setting; it should be a great time to learn about the ways that a really well conceived early-stage startup can gain support in getting to next steps of success. -And three enabler-selected local startups will get a very specific look into how they can move ahead.

The Format:
1) Four startup enablers introduce themselves and their models. 5 minutes each. 20 minutes total.
2) Three early stage startups (approved by the enablers as being of interest) present their pitches. 5 minutes each for presentation, and 5 each for questions. 30 minutes total.
3) The enablers then pitch each of the startups regarding how they are the best solution for that startup, and present their advantages over the other models in this particular scenario. 20 minutes per startup, 60 minutes total.
4) Startups each respond, choosing which pitch sounds best for their own needs. 10 minutes. -But no money is exchanged or further support promised; this event is for demonstration purposes only.

Our enablers are:
Ellen Weber -Executive Director, Robin Hood Ventures
Gabe Weinberg – Lean Angel/Entrepreneur
Steve Welch – Dreamit Ventures
Gabe Zichermann – Founders Institute

Be sure and register!  Sounds like a rip-roaring time!

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