Venture Capital in Education Summit this week – “Third wave of tech innovation to revolutionize education…”

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That’s one conclusion drawn by John Doerr, tech visionary and venture capitalist from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

While speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt in late May, he argued that powerful, hand held devices like the iPad, along with wireless communications will change the way we live.  And he ought to know.  He says that like the chip and internet revolution of past, this new ‘third wave’ of computing will change the way we interact and communicate with each other.  His bold and often ridiculed quip at the peak of the dotcom bubble that the internet was being ‘underhyped’ is proving to be prescient.

Although he specifically mentions the iPad, this is just one of the devices that are being targeted toward the education market. Until now, education has not been able to fully take advantage of the productivity gains enabled through tech innovation. With education costs rising 4 times the rate of inflation over the past 25 years, our education systems is desperate for innovative solutions.  These new portable devices could be part of the answer.  Another part will surely be the applications and techniques that can take advantage of them.

There are already new firms working on applications that bring text book and new immersive experiences to portable devices. Startl is helping to drive this new wave of innovation in education and many of the companies showcased at our Venture Capital in Education Summit this year are already working toward this vision.

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