Where Will the Digital Revolution in Schools Start?

[ 0 ] July 6, 2010 |

An interesting article by Arthur Levine over at The Huffington Post asks a very interesting question… who will lead the digital revolution in American schools?  Will it be top-down, bottom up or both?   Will it be administrations looking for efficiencies and catering to a variety of students or will this be demand-led by students and teachers?

Given these two options, which approach is better?

The answer must be both. The school system needs to catch up to the 21st century by exploring what technology can do at the state, district, school, and class levels. The structural changes that the first method suggests are necessary, and in fact they are already happening. Some experts, like Harvard’s Clayton Christensen, predict that as many as half of the courses taken in high school will be online courses by 2019. School of One, in New York City, has taken this model to the extreme, instituting individual schedules for its students that designate class, individual, and small-group work time for each student, as well as setting daily individual online work at the student’s learning level and embedding assessment in those programs.

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