Where is Tech Going? Ask the Kids.

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The article The Future of Tech According to Kids: Immersive, Intuitive and Surprisingly Down-to-Earth was both fun, simple and without barriers.  That’s the joy of kids.  They haven’t heard that you “can’t” do something because that isn’t the way the UI is supposed to work or the API won’t allow it.  No, they just tell you what they want, like and dislike.

Kids are innovative, creative, adaptive and do so without boundaries.  The study cited in the article by life-connected.com can be downloaded in PDF form.

While it’s not too surprising that kids today think about digital technologies (and the experiences they enable) as a given, the study found that kids desire increasingly immersive content experiences, better integration of digital technology into physical objects, spaces and activities, and more intuitive interfaces – 37% of participants’ creations didn’t even bother with the traditional keyboard/mouse interface.

For startups in the area of learning – where are the kids in your research, build and development process?  When and how do you ask?  What do they want and are you listening?

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