Computers at Home – Educational Hopes v. Teenage Reality

[ 0 ] July 11, 2010 |

 Does having a computer in the home help close the gap between at-risk, low-income youth and their wealthier peers?  The results may surprise you.

An interesting article in the New York Times today reports on various studies by Duke University, University of Chicago, Columbia University and others on the impact of computers in the home.  According to the  studies, having a computer at home actually found lower test scores – especially in the area of writing.  Not surprising, computer skills increased closing the gap.  But why is this?

MIDDLE SCHOOL students are champion time-wasters. And the personal computer may be the ultimate time-wasting appliance. Put the two together at home, without hovering supervision, and logic suggests that you won’t witness a miraculous educational transformation.

From a study in Romania, children weren’t using computers for homework but for playing games.

The debate will continue as to technology closing the education gap… but what about education closing the education gap?

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