Are We Preparing Students for the Future or Past?

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The 21st-century classroom leverages technology to engage and empower teachers and students. To understand how close we are to that goal, CDW-G surveyed more than 1,000 high school students, high school faculty and district IT staff members from around the country – representing rural, suburban and urban schools of all sizes – about how technology is used in their schools.  Download the report.

Key Findings:

  • High school students say technology is vital to their education and their future, but schools are not meeting their needs
  • Faculty members use technology to teach, but many students lack opportunities to use technology in class
  • To improve, districts should focus on developing 21st-century skills and bringing technology to class

Students Want Hands-On Experience

  • While 60% of students say that faculty members regularly use technology to teach, only 26% of students say they are encouraged to use technology throughout the day
  • One-half (53%) of faculty say they do not hold any of their classes in a 21st-century classroom

New Technologies(iPods, Smartphones, Blogs, Video/Text Chat)  are Not Part of the Classroom Experience

  • While nearly all students use technology at home to complete assignments, the technologies they use in their personal lives are largely absent from the classroom
  • Students lead their teachers in using next-generation technology for educational use

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