Project NOAH – Science App Growing Strong

[ 0 ] October 8, 2010 |

Slate recently covered a Startl Boost Alum, Project NOAH who we first introduced in March 2010 as a Startl Mobile Design Boost team .  Project NOAH is an application that allows individuals to photograph and upload information on sightings of plants and animals.  An app that has found a sweet spot for hobbyists, environmentalists, professors and scientists from the casual to professional. 

From Slate – Project NOAH functions as a kind of Foursquare for flora and fauna, a way for amateur nature spotters to record the bugs, leaves, and birds they’ve found. Those data, in turn, have become a valuable tool for professional researchers.

The app is easy to use and highly collaborative allowing people from across a region or globe to catalogue and compare notes.  From mushroom-mapping to the Lost Ladybug Project, Project NOAH makes it easy to report your findings – valuable to others including professional researchers.

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