Startl Announces 10 Teams for November 2010 Mobile Design Boost

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Startl is pleased to announce the ten teams selected to participated in our November Mobile Design Boost to be held in San Francisco November 11-14, 2010. 

“There were far more applicants than there were slots,” said Diana Rhoten, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Startl. ”The decisions were difficult.” 

Each of the teams selected have a specific focus for the learner.  The teams are: 

  • Motion Math: Movement-based learning games for mobile that give learners an intuitive sense of math.
  • The Stickery: An educational sticker-book application for preschool kids, with game-based learning elements, on both the iPhone and iPad.
  • PowerShift: An inquiry-based science education program for middle school students that leverages smart meter grids, third-party reporting and analytic software, statewide 7th and 8th grade 1:1 portable computer infrastructure, and recurring non-philanthropic revenue streams to realize engaging math and science lessons and statewide home electricity conservation.
  • Karunatree: Uses the emotional power of story to connect kids to today’s most pressing environmental challenges, educating and empowering them to help improve our planet’s future
  • Hideout: Teaches children early literacy skills which they can apply in a series of interactive games to fill their virtual hideout with crazy interactive loot.
  • Zoom Math: Calculator apps that show step-by-step solutions to algebra problems on popular mobile computing platforms, to complement our apps that already run on the graphing calculators most schools use.
  • Voxy: Uses hyper-relevant content, mobile technology and gaming mechanics to make learning a new language fun, efficient, and addictive.
  • TheCoursebook: A “Yelp” style app for adult education.
  • Visual Math: An iPad application for children to learn elementary school standards-based math within an interface and context that appeals to the learning style of visual learners.
  • ByGone: A location-based social network where your personal stories become a part of how we experience history.

Design Boost is a four-day intensive bootcamp for prototyping digital learning products.  In partnership with IDEO, this multi-day immersion offers teams the ability to refine prototypes, meet with industry experts and panels for user-testing in a collaborative environment.  On the final day of the Boost, teams present their prototype to an audience that includes a panel of users, industry experts and market investors.

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