Watermelon Express – An App for the GMAT and More

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There are a number of apps in the marketplace that help you prepare for standardized tests.  From the GMAT, SAT, MCAT and more the alphabet soup of test prep is moving to an iPhone and iPad near you.

Watermelon Express is one such company but with a significant twist.  The Watermelon Express app integrates synchronization and social networking.  You can use the app from your phone or study at your computer.  You don’t have to choose between one or the other.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered Watermelon Express

Unlike traditional applications, which typically present questions in a flash-card format, the Chicago-based company aims to bring study aids into the 21st century by including social networking features, as well as intelligent synchronization that allows users to answer a few questions in a mini-test on their iPhone at work, read another section on the bus as they head home, and finish on their computer.

At $9.99, Watermelon has over 55,000 users across the globe and offers 59 apps from MCAT Bio Connect to LSAT Review and a host of others.

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