Round-up of Best Online Resources Transforming Education

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Mashable recently compiled a list of 100+ companies that are transforming education and grouped them into nine categories.  If you have a company in the education space – what category are you in?  As an investor, what category (or categories) interest you the most?

The categories include:

  • New Institutions: Schools, colleges, academies that are online such as KhanAcademy; offline schools with experimental online programs and finally innovative offline programs looking to move the needle such as Startl’s Design Boost and Accelerator programs.
  • Learning Management: Platforms such as Blackboard and others helping manage the various components
  • Online Content: Whether it’s KhanAcademy or Wikipedia, content still gets to be King, even (and especially) in Education
  • Networks and Marketplaces: Tutoring, training, textbook swaps – if there’s a network, there’s a marketplace for that
  • Live Training and Tutoring: Live teaching tools are becoming much more accepted and long ago are the days past for closed-circuit television for classrooms or learning remote
  • Learner Tools: There is an app for that – or thousands of apps.  Many can be found whether you’re studying for the GMAT or looking to learn a new language.  Past Startl Design Boost and Accelerator participants fit squarely in this category such as MotionMath and MindSnacks.
  • Collaborative Learning: These environments put to rest the thought of moving learning to the computer would be isolating.  Noted companies on the list include, and others.
  • Funding Payments: A niche that hasn’t been widely explored but interesting as it looks at the price barriers in education and companies that look to creatively change costs and/or fund the learner.  ” and GradeFund help students get crowdfunded loans and sell shares of their future salaries.”
  • Hardware for Education: Laptops, tablets and more – those creating and providing hardware for the hands of learners such as One Laptop Per Child.

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