Tiger Moms – Parenting and New Trends in the Home Learning Environment

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With all the wildfire around Amy Chua’s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother from the WSJ’s article Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior to TIME Magazine’s piece Tiger Mom: Amy Chua Parenting Memoir Raises American Fears an article in the Huffington Post draws new similarities.

What Amy Chua and President Obama Have in Common: Parenting and New Trends in the Home Learning Environment – talks candidly that maybe Chua wasn’t so far off.  Secretly as parents we know the impact that the home learning environment can have on children and their success.

The article talks about the advances in digital resources and when introduced and supported properly aren’t just for family of means but can be available to all families – note the word families and not simply the word students.

Children, parents, and teachers can’t do it alone. It is targeted investments by the government with support from the non-profit and corporate sectors that can help us respond to our Sputnik moment. Our nation can only win the future if we improve student learning both inside and outside the classroom. Reducing TV time is a good first step. Now let’s take the next step and harness the power of digital learning and the passion of parents — Tiger moms and Western moms alike — to do what is best for our children.

It’s a great read with data showing an increase in home learning, specifically in low-income households.

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