AngelList – An Option for EduTech Startups?

[ 0 ] March 1, 2011 |

TechCrunch recently ran an article What’s The Real Deal With AngelList? AngelList simply put connects entrepreneurs to angel investors.  The questions are – does it work and is it worth it?

While the article has quotes from various angels, there is a nice section for entrepreneurs:

AngelList is a great way to market your deal…

I cannot stress enough, though, that I believe getting access to the right investors in critical and spending time getting to know who these investors are is equally critical. Far from being a waste of time, the fund-raising process introduces you to a lot of experienced entrepreneurs and VCs who will offer opinions on your business and approach. It should be a continual process.

“Filling out a round” with extra investors you don’t know well to take a round from $500k to $750k is fine as long as those additional investors don’t have significant rights and aren’t PITAs.

Just don’t use AngelList as a short-cut for the hard work. But to be clear, used properly there is NO downside to AngelList for entrepreneurs.


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