Inventing and Making – The Kitchen-Table Industrialists

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The New York Times ran a great piece this week on The Kitchen-Table Industrialists.  Often when we speak of entrepreneurs of the new economy we’re talking pure digital – bits and bytes, cloud to iPad.  But now we’re seeing a new crop of entrepreneurs, those who want to make something tangible that they can touch, shape, turn on and off and ship in a box.

Driven by places like TechShop with laser cutters, milling machines and classes on how to use them along with “Dream Coaches” to push your light manufacturing vision this new kitchen-table industrialist or “Makers”.

Makers, as they call themselves, can’t compete with the long, orderly rows of workers from the poorer provinces of China or India who cut, stitch and solder bras, shoes and cellphones for pennies — or even with the hundreds of billions of dollars a year worth of stuff that continues to pour out of large, old-fashioned American factories. Their method involves creating “hacker space” cooperatives, where a few dozen members share a 3-D printer, a laser cutter and an oscilloscope and engage in collaborative manufacturing projects. Makers have created companies like Shapeways and CloudFab, which for a fee will manufacture small runs of products that you design.

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