Free Online Stanford University AI Course Draws 84,000

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A free online course in artificial intelligence at Stanford University has attracted more than 84,000 people from over 175 countries to sign-up.

The Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course in partnership with the Stanford University School of Engineering will be taught by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, two of the world’s best known experts in the area of artificial intelligence.

While students taking the course online will not get Stanford grades or credit,they will be ranked in comparison to the work of other online students and will receive a “statement of accomplishment.”  There aren’t pre-requisites for the course but students can expect to use higher math skills such as linear algebra and probability theory.

For the artificial intelligence course, students may need some higher math, like linear algebra and probability theory, but there are no restrictions to online participation.

The inspiration for the course was from the Kahn Academy, the popular school series on YouTube.

Stanford will offer a total of three courses with the other two courses being Introduction to Databases taught by Jennifer Widom, chairwoman of the computer science department, and an Introduction to Machine Learning, taught by Andrew Ng.


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