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The Saylor Foundation announced the Open Textbook Challenge to encourage college textbook authors to openly license their textbooks under “Creative Commons“.  Why?  To dramatically reduce textbook costs for college students.   According to the College Board, the average college student at a four-year public school spends over $1,000 for textbooks each year.

The Saylor Foundation is on the hunt for textbooks that correlate to the 200+ free, online college-level courses offered on, which are drawn from high-enrollment majors at traditional U.S. colleges. In return for the author opening access to their work, the Foundation will award $20,000 for each textbook selected - and are offering referral bounties! With this challenge, the aim is to license texts that could be utilized for free by educators and students around the world.

In order to be eligible for the first wave of funding, textbooks must be submitted byNovember 1, 2011. Accepted texts will be announced on their website on January 31, 2011. Check out the Open Textbook Challenge website for more details on how to submit a text or refer someone to our project.

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