An Analysis of Education Sector Readiness to Support Next-Generation Learning at Scale

[ 0 ] September 25, 2011 |

The Stupski Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York are committed to supporting the development and scaling of next-generation learning: student-centered, personalized, anytime/anywhere experiences that result in mastery of rigorous academic content, the ability to think critically and solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and learn how to learn.

As we develop our strategies, we have many questions about the education sector’s readiness to create and adopt fundamentally new models of learning. We therefore jointly commissioned the Parthenon Group to answer two questions:

  1. How is the field is responding to the potential of next-generation learning?
  2. What is the state of market supply and demand around key components of next-generation learning?

In response, Parthenon aggregated a great deal of data and conducted more than 100 interviews with product and service developers, private and philanthropic investors, state and district leaders, public policy groups, think tanks, and consulting firms. The analysis surfaced:

  • A high degree of consensus on the attributes of next-generation learning among thought-leaders, and a call from practitioners for tangible, defensible proof-points of next-generation learning and the supports to make these a reality.
  • The existence of many products and services to support the early development of next-generation learning models and a marketplace primed to be supportive if the right incentives are in place, but not nearly the level of capacity to scale emerging models and approaches.
  • Urgent need for a concerted effort among funders, policy makers, and education leaders to agree on common definitions, aligned strategies, intentionally complementary investments, and coordinating mechanisms to support both supply and demand for next-generation learning.
Next Generation Learning Documents (PDF’s): Introduction; Defining the opportunity; Scaling the opportunity

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