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From Alex Taub’s Alex’s Tech Thoughts blog – It Is Time For Ed-Tech To Shine.

I’m most excited about education startups right now. I think it is their time to shine. I actually wrote this title in a tumblr draft about 4 months ago and finally feel that I can confidently post it. School is back and we are going to see many things happening in the next few months from smaller (ie startup) education companies with some of the bigger education companies looking to keep up.

In that same vein, we are picking back up the Digital Learning Series. The first event is in two weeks and we’ll have some awesome companies presenting. You can get tickets here.

Here are some of my favorite known and unknown ed-tech companies:

SkillshareEdmodoCodecademyKhan AcademyLore,Knewton, and Grovo are all mostly known.

Some unknowns (or less knowns):

Study Edge- This recent YC grad is probably my pick for dark horse of the next billion dollar education company. Never heard of them? Well, that means you are probably not in college! They are hyper focused and targeted and only in a few schools right now. They create original video content that you can buy for credits and get an edge when studying. The content is awesome and Ethan the founder is a BOSS. Expect to see big things from them this year.

No Red Ink- From what I am hearing right now this is becoming a word-of-mouth phenomenon for teachers. An easy way to practice and master grammer and writing skills, and built by a former teacher. It just really works and I expect this will be a record year for them.

Neverware- Jon and Neverware made a lot of noise in 2011, being a hardware company in NYC. Since then he has gone quiet, building a team (killer team, if I might add. All A+ caliber) and getting the product to where it needs to be. I think Q4 of 2012 and 2013 is going to be a big time for them.

Chalkable- A recent 500 startups grad, Chalkable is building a great platform that is part App Store and part learning management system. They recently picked up some funding and launched their platform. I know the team personally (was suite-mates with one of the founders in college), and can tell you that they will dig themselves into the ground until they realize their mission.

In the next few months I think we will see some really big things from all these companies. A very exciting space to watch.

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