Mobile Learning Round-Up

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Mobile Learning Round-Up

Mobile learning has exploded over the past few years with iPads, Smartphones and yes, even YouTube, becoming staples to student’s everyday lives. ¬†iPads and Smartphones are often less expensive than laptops and more likely to make their way into the hands of lower-income students.

Learning apps are finding their way across the spectrum, from pre-school and K-12, special needs to college, cooking to investment banking.
Here’s our round-up of what’s happening in the mobile learning space:

Top 5 Education Apps for High Schoolers

iPods and other handheld devices have made school life really easy for high school students. So what are the best apps for high school students.


New app for iPad and iPhone to make language learning easier

A new app for the iPad and iPhone, LingoWorld, has recently been launched by Cooori, with the aim to help aid the language learning process. LingoWorld is a new language-learning app for iOS, …




iPads, babies and free apps: winning therapy from the Early Learning Institute

It’s hard to imagine an eight-month-old baby doing more than drooling and banging on an iPad, but The Early Learning Institute has discovered that kids this young can benefit from app-based …


Selectsoft Releases New Audio-Forum Foreign Service Institute Language Learning Apps

California-based developer Selectsoft announces the release of Spanish Programmatic Course Vol. (PRWeb January 17, 2013) Read the full story at …




BankersLab Launches Banc-it: Scoring Edition, a Gamified Mobile Learning App for Retail Bankers

The Banc-it: Scoring Edition app offers retail lending professionals the opportunity to test their knowledge of credit scoring data, usage, model development and monitoring. (PRWeb January 18, 2013) Read the full story at






New cooking apps make learning a lot easier

For passionate cooks, there are few pleasures like perusing a lushly illustrated, well-written cookbook. But lugging that cinderblock to your kitchen and trying to keep it clean while cooking from it is another matter.


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