Meritor and The Henry Ford Shaping Future of Education Through Innovation and Technology

[ 0 ] February 26, 2013 |

Innovation Education Incubator pilot project in K-12 classrooms across the nation

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Education Incubator (IEI), launched in April 2011 with the support of a three-year pledge from Meritor, is building momentum among educators nationwide by bringing innovative digital education resources and game-changing teaching strategies into K-12 classrooms.

Forty teachers and 1,000 students field-tested The Henry Ford’s new resources and four key curricula products, including Innovation 101, in classrooms and participate in a third-party evaluation.

The purpose of the training module is to promote technology and innovation skills among students and inspire them to achieve from past and present innovators.  Students said they learned about science, technology, engineering and math, also referred to as “STEM,” and the process of innovation. Some said that these materials changed their minds and how they approach the world today.

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