Apple’s edtech play, iTunes U, reaches 1B content downloads

[ 0 ] February 28, 2013 |

itunes-uApple announced today that iTunes U has reached 1 billion content downloads, a sign that schools around the world are embracing Apple’s edtech model. Educators can use iTunes U to collect course materials and make them easily availableto students.

Apple released a new version of the iTunes U iOS app in early 2012, along with its new iBooks digital textbook initiative. The company’s approach to edtech still isn’t foolproof — it depends on students having expensive iPads, which makes it impractical for schools and students without money to burn. Still, for those with access to Apple’s ecosystem, it’s an easy way to easily offer course materials to students.

Apple says 60 percent of iTunes U app downloads (which I’m reading as just the app), originate from outside the U.S. — it’ll be interesting to see if that gap continues to grow for international educators.


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