TradeUp Named as DemoDay Favorite by PandoDaily

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TradeUp, a Startl company who participated in the DreamIt Accelerator this summer, was named a Demo Day favorite by PandoDaily.

TradeUp is a platform that prepares people for the 21st century job market using 21st century education.

Startup accelerator network Dreamit Ventures today unveiled its latest class of companies in New York City. Maybe I’ve been to too many demo days and gotten cynical, but most of the ideas were not new. I found myself wanting to shout, “How are you going to compete with (giant incumbent startup already dominating this market)?!?”

TradeUp bridges the gap between free online courses and actual jobs. The promise of online courses through Coursera, Khan Academy, and others is huge and important: Our economy is moving away from manual labor and manufacturing to knowledge-based jobs requiring specialized skills (often in the digital realm). Between 2010 and 2020, almost half of all new job openings (25 million) will be “middle skills” jobs, which require some sort of technical education. Much hand-wringing has been done over the skills gap; this is why the tech industry is so keen on immigration reform. We need to import talent to keep up with the rest of the world.

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